Boss the Lotto

Gamevy is well-known for creating pocket slot games that are interesting and memorable. We thought we check out Boss the Lotto which, as you might expect, is based on the lottery. There are some nice jackpots and a couple of features to enjoy also.

If you are a fan of the lottery, then look no further than this as there is an absolutely unbelievable £1 million jackpot on offer! There is little chance of losing your winnings as well, and the bright 3D graphics are really fantastic and immersive.

You can bet from £1 up to £10, and you will have to bet the max amounts for a chance at the jackpot. The controls are similar to slot machines, and all you have to do is select your chosen numbers. Then the game begins and if your chosen numbers come up you win!

This is an exciting game so check it out if are a fan of the lottery.

About the Manufacturer

Gamevy is a London-based online slots, lottery, and scratch cards developer, which is committed to making its games as mobile-friendly as possible. Gamevy titles are well-known for offering exciting jackpot prizes, and if you're keen to find more of its mobile games to play after sampling Boss the Lotto, we highly recommend Diamond Deal, Epic Gems, The Heist, and Spin Lotto.

Appearance and Sound Effects

Because it's not a mobile slot, Boss the Lotto looks like a cross between a lottery game and a set of bingo balls. On the screen, there are six rows, each of which contains between seven and nine numbered balls from 1 to 49.

Below the balls, is a flashing meter which shows you the potential jackpot that's up for grabs and an indicator showing the "Cash Out Point", plus the number of "Balls Left to Swipe" until you can cash out.

At the bottom-right, is a sign letting you know that you can double your money by successfully swiping six balls.

The tools bar at the top-left, lets you turn the sound effects and music on and off, and view the pay-table. If you leave the music turned on, you'll hear a pleasant and relaxing electronic soundtrack playing.

Unlike a slots game which typically contains multiple symbols each of which are worth different amounts, all of the balls in Boss the Lotto are worth the same. The secret is to swipe enough winning balls to win a prize, or potentially the top jackpot.

Special Features

The joy of Boss the Lotto is that it's extremely simple to play as there are no wilds, scatters, or bonus symbols.

The aim is to remove individual balls or multiple balls with a single swipe of your screen. Out of the forty-nine balls, forty-three are ‘good' and six are ‘bad'. If a ball is removed and it reveals a cash symbol, it increases the meter entitled "Cash Out Point". If you successfully remove six good balls in a row, you can choose to cash out your current prize, continue until you hopefully reach the next cash out point, or carry on past all of the cash out points in the hopes of reaching the grand jackpot. If you swipe a bad ball, the game ends immediately and you lose any existing prize.


You can win prizes by swiping six valid balls (i.e. not black balls) in a row, and to win the jackpot, you'll need to swipe all forty-three good balls while avoiding all six bad balls.

Playing on Mobile Devices

The game is fully-optimised for mobile play, and includes mobile-friendly game controls.

HMOur Opinion:

If you enjoy scratch cards, lotteries, or bingo games, you'll go bonkers for Boss the Lotto – the Gamevy title that just might help you land a life-changing jackpot of up to £100,000!

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