Diamond Deal

When you first look at Diamond Deal, it looks like a stage in a quiz show or gameshow that you would watch on TV. It's bright purple, and there is a lot of glitter on show. The mobile casino player will absolutely love this installment, and you can win up to £1,000,000!

To play, you need to decide which of the six betting options you would like to use, and you can bet from £1-10. Once you have chosen your bet, click the start button, and this will load up the stage screen. You have the option of fifty boxes to choose from, and you have four lives. If you pick a successful box, you will win the prize displayed.

We found it an interesting and exciting game, and you can cash out after you have won a prize. Alternatively, you can keep playing with the hope of winning big.

It's definitely worth a few rounds so check it out today!  

About the Manufacturer

Gamevy is an online scratch card, lottery, and slots manufacturer, which is based in London, England. Gamevy takes great care to ensure that all of its games can be enjoyed on mobile devices, and you'll find many of them right here at Pocket Vegas.

The most popular Gamevy slots and casual games include 7 Up, Spin Lotto, Red Card, Epic Gems, and Boss the Lotto.

Appearance and Sound Effects

We know that many of you are used to playing slot games; however, because Diamond Deal is an instant game rather than an online slot or casino game, it contains no reels, no paylines, and doesn't use casino chips. Instead, it looks like a television game show, with the game board displayed on a raised stage lit up by studio lights. The grid is formed of five rows, each of which is ten columns wide, which gives you fifty blue boxes in total.

At the top of the grid, you can see how much the next diamond is worth and the value of the jackpot, the latter of which increases and decreases depending on the size of your bet. At the top-right, there are four light bulbs which are all lit at the beginning of the game and go out one-by-one as you lose lives.
At the bottom-right, there's a "Quick Pick" button which randomly selects boxes from the grid without the need for you to click on them individually.
The menu bar across the top of the screen lets you turn the sound effects and music on and off, change the size of your bet, play the game in full-screen mode, and view the rules.

Unlike mobile slots, Diamond Deal only uses one symbol – a diamond – and the value of each diamond increases with each successful pick.

Special Features

Diamond Deal begins with ten diamonds being randomly hidden on the game board. Your aim is to find as many diamonds as possible for a chance to take home the jackpot. N.B. with the minimum bet of £1, the jackpot is worth up to £100,000, and with the maximum bet of £10, the jackpot is worth up to £1,000,000.

You start the game with four lives, and when you select a box on the grid that doesn't contain a diamond, you lose one life plus the prize pot reduces. If you do uncover a diamond, your lives reset to four and the prize pot increases. Once you've found at least one diamond, you can cash out your winnings at any time.

If you select four boxes in a row with no diamonds, you lose all four lives plus your winnings. But, if you find nine diamonds in a row, you win the Diamond Deal jackpot!


You can win prizes by finding diamonds on the game grid. To win the jackpot, you'll need to find nine diamonds in a row.

Playing on Mobile Devices

The game is fully-optimised for mobile play, and includes mobile-friendly game controls.

HMOur Opinion:

Playing Diamond Deal is a lot like participating in a live TV quiz show, except there's no audience or game show host to rattle your nerves. With a soothing soundtrack and simple rules, it's a game you'll want to return to time and again, if only for the chance to win a potential jackpot payout of £1,000,000!

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