Golden Ball Roulette

In this special Live Roulette title from Extreme Live Gaming, a player can choose to release a special Golden Ball every 20 spins.  This certainly heats up the fast-paced gameplay on offer! To claim Golden Ball victory, you must have achieved the highest total amount bet for the last 20 spins.

In this version, one player is tasked with activating the Golden Ball button, which will instruct the dealer to spin the ball.  After spinning it, the dealer will announce the special winning number, and the player wins an extra bonus depending on the payout rule set.

This game also boasts a sizable jackpot prize which will be shown in the game's lobby.  This shows the countdown to the big jackpot game and will tell you how many days until the next event will take place.

If you're on the lookout for a new gaming experience, this is definitely worth checking out!  The added Golden Ball feature certainly livens up classic gameplay and offers players the chance to win an extra cash bonus.

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