Skrill 1 Tap

Paying with your mobile phone bill
Follow these simple steps to see how it works
Select "Skrill 1-Tap" from the deposit method options.
Insert deposit amount and tap deposit.
Select "Skrill 1-Tap" from the deposit method options.

You may be wondering why Skrill 1-Tap is such a popular payment method among players at mobile casinos. And, you might also want to know how it differs (if at all) from standard Skrill payments, as well as other preferred banking options like debit cards and Paypal.

Skrill 1-Tap is a hassle-free way to transfer money into your mobile casino account as many of our Pocket Vegas members will agree. It really is as simple as it sounds, and once you’ve configured it at your mobile casino of choice, all you need to do in future is tap your smartphone or tablet’s screen just once, and the payment’s made.

Many players make the mistake of reaching for the most recognisable banking methods like credit/debit card and bank transfer. The trouble with these is that they can be very fiddly to configure on smaller mobile screens, take several steps before the transfer is completed, and involve sharing your personal banking details with mobile casinos.
The benefits of Skrill 1-Tap, apart from the one-step payment process, are that none of your banking details are shared with the mobile casino you’re playing at, and you don’t have to re-enter your Skrill login details or payment information each time you want to make a deposit.

To get started, simply open an account with Skrill, then return to Pocket Vegas or your chosen mobile casino and visit the Cashier page. When you’re asked which banking method you’d like to use, select Skrill 1-Tap. With your first payment, you’ll be redirected to Skrill’s website to confirm the amount of your deposit. After that, all future payments will be pre-approved and, therefore, instantly confirmed without you having to leave the mobile casino. This is a huge benefit if you’re itching to start playing your favourite games or have limited time.

To emphasise just how simple and fast Skrill 1-Tap is, think of it like paying for goods in a shop. Back in the good old days, you could write a cheque which could take several minutes. Later, there was the debit/credit card slip that you had to sign before waiting for the cashier to confirm both signatures matched. With the introduction of Chip and Pin, things speeded up, but if you’ve ever pressed the wrong button or suffered a mental block, you’ll know that it isn’t quite as easy as it’s cracked up to be. In physical shops, contactless payments are swiftly becoming the preferred way to pay as all you need to do is hold your card in front of the reader for a second, and you’re good to go. Using Skrill 1-Tap is just as simple and convenient as making contactless card payments, if not more so. After all, “time is money” as they say, and if you’re on a winning streak, the extra minutes wasted by other banking methods could mean you end up missing out on extra winnings.

If you’d like to play at Pocket Vegas, as well as your other favourite mobile casinos hassle-free, look out for the Skrill 1-Tap payment option next time you want to make a deposit.

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